5 The Most Frequently Asked Questions to the Implantologist


What is tooth implant?

Dental implantation is widely used method for treating many dental problems, and a dental implant is a special metal structure that is placed in the jawbone as a replacement for the tooth root. This is the most effective method for restoring lost teeth, providing strong attachment and support for the artificial tooth. The process of dental implantation involves a surgical procedure where the implantologist inserts metal implants to create a strong foundation. When it comes to dental implants, choosing the best dental implant system and the best dental implants is crucial for ensuring optimal results and long-term success.

Which observations do patients need before implantation? Before conducting the implantation of teeth, a series of examinations must be performed to assess the condition of the oral cavity and jawbone. This includes X-rays, computer tomography (CT), that help determine the quantity and quality of the bone tissue, as well as identify possible obstacles for successful implantation. Additionally, a patient's examination and medical history analysis are carried out to identify potential contraindications and develop an individual treatment plan using the best dental implant and plastic dental implant techniques.


Is implantation painful?

Dental clinic implants are used for the best recovery of missing teeth, but they may cause some discomfort and usually are performed under local anesthesia to minimize the patient's pain. The process of inserting tooth implants into the jawbone may be accompanied by slight discomfort and a feeling of pressure. However, most patients note that this process is more tolerable than expected.


Are there contraindications of implantation process? So contraindications may include:

  1. Inadequate amount of bone tissue in the implantation area.
  2. Systemic diseases, such as unstable stage of heart failure or uncontrolled diabetes.
  3. Uncontrollable mental disorders.
  4. Poor condition of the oral mucosa.
  5. Unregulated behavior, such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, which can affect on healing process after implantation.
  6. Active oncological diseases.
  7. Insufficient hygiene support from the patient.


These factors should be taken into account by the implantologist when deciding on the appropriateness of performing tooth implantation for a specific patient.


Which care do patients need for the different types of tooth implants? By the recommendations of implantologists this may include:

Regular oral hygiene

Maintaining the cleanliness of teeth and gums using a soft toothbrush and dental floss for cleaning thoroughly.

Regular visits to the dentist

It is recommended to visit the dentist for professional cleaning and examination of the oral cavity at least twice a year.

Avoiding harmful habits

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can have a negative impact on the condition of implants, so they should be avoided.

Proper nutrition

Healthy eating promotes dental and gum health, which also positively affects the condition of implants.

Avoiding trauma and pressure

Patients are advised to avoid from pressure on dental implants and to avoid traumatizing the implantation area.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle, including regular physical exercise and healthy diet, promotes the good condition of implants and of the total body.

How do implants improve patient’s quality of life? Tooth implants have many advantages such as:

Restoration of functionality

Implants allow patients to recover lost teeth, improving their chewing abilities and ensuring comfortable and efficient digestion with the best dental implant system.

Increased confidence

Implants restore the aesthetics of the smile, enabling patients to feel more confident in communicating with others and in everyday situations.

Prevention of facial deformities

Tooth loss can lead to facial deformities due to the loss of bone volume. Installing implants helps maintain the natural shape of the face.

Enhanced comfort

Implants provide stability and comfort without causing discomfort or unpleasant sensations, unlike some other types of dental prosthetics.

Maintenance of gum and bone health

Implants help preserve healthy gum and bone structure by stimulating natural bone growth processes.

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