An implant is an artificial substitute for a human tooth root, made from titanium. Titanium is a metal that is biocompatible with the human body after implantation it quickly grows close to the bone and does not cause allergic reactions. A tooth restored with an implant does not differ at all from a natural tooth.

What is the advantage of dental implant?

With the help of an implant, it is possible with immovable covers
  • restore 1 missing tooth, leaving the adjacent teeth intact, unlike a bridge prosthesis, in which 2 adjacent teeth are removed
  • completely toothless jaws,
  • firmly fix the removable prosthesis.

  • With proper care, hygiene, regular preventive visits, dental implants can serve you for a lifetime.
  • MaryClinic specialized in implantology in 2009. More than 2100 operations were performed, more than 5500 implants were placed.
    A 100% guarantee is given for the installed implants
    People choose us and come to Armenia for special implantation from different countries of the world: USA, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine.
    We are professionals
    The implantations are carried out by the chief implantologist Hayk Manukyan. He was trained in the field of implantology in Moscow, Kiev, Batumi and Yerevan.

Counseling and treatment planning

During the first visit, we perform an examination of the visitor's oral cavity, assess the condition of the teeth, gums, and oral hygiene. We take intraoral and profile photos.
A 3D X-ray (KT) of the jaws is then carried out in the clinic, which gives the possibility
  • to determine the density or volume of the jaw bone,
  • choose the right size implants.
We plan the treatment in detail by examining photos and 3D x-rays.


At this stage, the implants are placed.

If necessary, it is also done
  • gum plastic
  • bone plastic: when the volume of the bone is not enough for implant placement, artificial or natural bone is added,
  • open or closed sinus lift.

If the implant is placed in the frontal, visible part of the denture, we also place the temporary cover at once, so that the visitor does not have any aesthetic problems until the permanent cover is installed.

Getting dimensions

It takes 2-5 months for the implants to fully integrate. After the integration, the 2nd orthopedic stage is carried out: the placement of the covers and the restoration of the aesthetic appearance of the dentures and smile.

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