Who we are

The greatest value for MaryClinic and Maryclinic residents is the PERSON.

We are united by the great desire to help people and improve their quality of life. Our doctors are the best specialists in their field: therapists, orthopedists, orthodontists, implantologists, children's dentists and cosmetologists, who are ready to help you in any situation.

We are always loyal to all our principles. we have never sold fillings or implants, we have given people happiness, self-confidence, a carefree smile and a full laugh. This has been and remains the main ideology of our team and company for 18 years. At MaryClinic, team work is also considered to be of primary importance.
Team cooperation is the basis of every project with us, thanks to which the quality of work and service provided to the visitor increases twice.
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MaryClinic Dentistry and Aesthetic Medicine Center was founded in 2004 and named "Manukyan". Today the center has 2 branches in Yerevan and Martuni.
From the very first day of establishment, quality, high-quality service, sterility, following innovations and implementing them have been the most important and primary priorities in the clinic.
But above all, we emphasized the individual approach to each visitor and his problem, thanks to which we quickly acquired loyal customers who have been with us for 18 years.
In 2009, dental implantation was successfully carried out in the clinic. Today, the clinic specializes especially in implantology and bone and gum plastics.

During this time, we had already understood something very important. what is important for the client is not only solving his problem, but also obtaining an aesthetic result. Therefore, when the 2nd branch was opened, the clinic was re-profiled as a center for dentistry and aesthetic medicine.
With the re-profiling, the name of the center was also changed. the active development of aesthetic orientation gave the brand "femininity", and just as businessman Emil Ellinek once named the newly produced cars after his 11-year-old daughter Mercedes, so the clinic was named after the little daughter of the founder, doctor-implantologist Hayk Manukyan, Mari.
With the name change, our logo, our brand colors also changed, our services increased, but our mission remained unchanged. justify and overjustify the client's expectations.

Today, MaryClinic is a dynamic and rapidly developing medical center, thanks to which the list of services we provide is constantly expanding, from pediatric dentistry to dental implants and bone plastic, from diode hair removal to injection plastic.
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Our advantages

The center provides quality and high-quality services to all family members, both adults and children.

Orthodontic and children's stomatology directions are also actively developing in the center: dental and bite problems of various complications are corrected with the help of braces and orthodontic devices, muscle and joint dysfunction is treated with the help of splint therapy.
Children are our favorite guests. everything is done so that our little ones have a healthy and happy childhood, from the prevention of caries to the restoration of dental trauma.
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Every day, more than 20 people work at MaryClinic to ensure that our Clients receive quality and safe medical care in a beautiful environment and in comfortable conditions.
Sterilization is the most important part of our work in the clinic. after each visitor, all equipment is thoroughly disinfected, all tools are sterilized, in other cases disposable tools are used.

The clinic is equipped with the best modern equipment: the latest digital X-rays (RVG), physiodispensers, autoclaves, professional teeth whitening Zoom4, EosIceMax diode lasers.
2021 we founded a social project. the specialists of the center visit different schools of Armenia free of charge, teach children how to eat properly, take care of their teeth, what to do to have a healthy smile. Our doctors examine the oral cavities of all participating children, give necessary advice and gifts to the children.
Since people today are too busy with work routines and sometimes it is very difficult to go to the doctor, we have taken care of that too. every person can contact us by video call from a convenient place and get a free online consultation with the specialist of his choice.
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Our working approach

At the center, each visitor receives an individual approach
Treatment planning is carried out with detailed planning, necessarily accompanied by an X-ray examination and a professional photo protocol, which makes it possible to pay great attention to even the smallest details. At the beginning of the treatment, the client is presented with the treatment plan, with clearly stated dates and the cost of the treatment.
At this stage, he can already see his future smile by wearing temporary veneers before the installation of permanent aesthetic veneers. Mock up technique allows to temporarily restore the denture and make all the necessary corrections in the initial stage, so that in the end the Client looks in the mirror and admires his perfect smile.

2nd, in the main stage, all the necessary treatments are carried out, obtaining the dimensions of the teeth, determining the color.

In the 3rd, final stage, the Client can already admire his healthy and beautiful smile.

Our works and prices

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