Treatment and aesthetics of teeth

Even the smallest defects of teeth can change our appearance. And if those flaws are more noticeable, they begin to affect our self-esteem as well. All these defects can be corrected with the help of aesthetic dentistry.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening can sometimes be enough to have a Hollywood smile. A snow-white smile can become your main decoration. MaryClinic has chosen the safest and most effective teeth whitening systems: Zoom 4 and Opalenscence.

Opalescence Boost Whitening

This type of professional teeth whitening is currently considered one of the most effective and safe whitening options, as we have been convinced by our years of experience. Effectively whitens teeth without damaging them.

Zoom4 whitening

Zoom 4 whitening is currently the fastest, safest and newest whitening system in the world.

  • Whitening is done with the Philips Zoom 4 lamp, which does not heat the teeth.
  • Does not cause sensitivity
  • The whitening process is very comfortable.
  • Teeth whitening up to 8 tones

Whitening at home

Home whitening is for those who
  • want to whiten their teeth without visiting the clinic, at home or at work,
  • want to keep the result for a long time after office whitening.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • You have noticed that your teeth are very discolored
    • You are dreaming of white teeth
    • You want the whitening to be performed by the dentist in the clinic
    • You want quick results

    • High-quality specialists: our doctors are the best specialists in the field, who undergo regular professional training.
    • High-quality materials: only high-quality materials from well-known companies, professional teeth whitening systems (Zoom 4, Opalenscence) are used.
    • Using the latest equipment and a magnifying glass: this helps to remove only the affected tooth tissues, keeping the healthy tissues unharmed, as well as to restore the ideal tooth appearance.

  • This is the restoration of the natural anatomy and color of the chewing teeth with aesthetic fillings. In this way, it is possible to restore the contact and cervical caries of the teeth, the crowns of the teeth.

Composite veneers

This is restoration of the appearance, shape and color of the tooth with aesthetic filling materials. Aesthetic filling materials have all the shades and transparency of the natural color of the tooth, which makes it possible to perfectly restore the appearance and color of the tooth.
Composite veneers can correct:
  • tooth wear
  • tooth fractures
  • the color and shape of the teeth,
  • close the diastema
  • replace old fillings,
  • correct small crooked teeth

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