Types and Benefits of Incognito Braces


What are incognito braces and how do they differ from traditional orthodontic braces?

Smile braces, also known as lingual braces, are orthodontic devices worn on the inner side of the teeth, making them invisible from the outside. They differ from traditional braces by their invisibility during social interactions, enhancing the patient's appearance during treatment. This allows people to correct their bite and align their teeth without worrying about the visibility of the braces. Orthodontics using this approach can be appealing to those who want to maintain the natural appearance of their teeth during correction.

Smile braces also have several other advantages

For example, they can be more comfortable for the wearer since they do not exert pressure on the outer side of the teeth and lips. Additionally, due to the individualized approach for each patient, they provide more precise and effective treatment.

Orthodontists also note that these braces are suitable for people of any age and bite type.


How do self-ligating braces work for teeth correction?

Let's first know about self-ligating braces. They are modern orthodontic devices that use special brackets to hold the archwire in place without need for elastic bands or wires. They work by employing a special locking mechanism in the bracket, which holds the archwire in place.

Unlike traditional braces, which require wire replacements regularly, self-ligating braces provide more constant and equable force application to the teeth, leading to more efficient and faster treatment. They can also offer greater comfort for the patient, as there is less contact and less discomfort when eating and by having these functional brace teeth your smile with braces will remain aesthetic during treatment.

Thanks to their innovative design, self-ligating braces are becoming an increasingly popular choice among patients looking to correct their bite and enhance the appearance of their smile.

Which advantages do Incognito braces have compared to traditional orthodontic braces?

Here are several advantages of Incognito braces compared to traditional orthodontic braces:


Incognito braces are worn on the inner side of the teeth, making them practically invisible from the outside. This allows patients to feel more confident during treatment without worrying about the appearance of their smile.

Incognito braces can be more comfortable for the wearer as they do not hurt the oral mucosa and do not cause discomfort in contact with lips or cheeks.


Thanks to individual customization for each patient and precise treatment planning, Incognito braces provide more accurate and effective teeth alignment and bite correction.


Incognito braces are suitable for patients of any age and bite type, making them an attractive option for many people looking to improve their smile with braces.


Since Incognito braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth, they can provide additional protection against injuries and traumas associated with active sports or other activities.

Ultimately, the choice between Incognito braces and traditional orthodontic braces depends on the individual preferences and needs of the patient. Both options have their advantages, and it's important to discuss with your orthodontist the optimal treatment option considering your goals, expectations, and oral health characteristics. Incognito braces offer an invisible and comfortable solution for teeth correction, while traditional braces may be more suitable in some situations.

Eventually, the goal is to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile, and the choice of braces should be made considering your individual needs and preferences.

For any further questions, you can visit our dental clinic, where our experienced orthodontists will be happy to answer them and take care of your beautiful smile.

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