Installation of veneers

When a person stops smiling, it means that he is dissatisfied with his appearance and especially with his smile. And life is so beautiful to answer it with a smile.
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At MaryClinic, even the most complicated and seemingly impossible problem is completely solved. Every visitor receives high-quality service, medical care and long-lasting results. We do our best to improve our work every day. the clinic is equipped with the latest medical equipment and techniques, the best specialists in the field work in the team, who are regularly trained.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • The color of the enamel has changed to yellow or gray,
    • The teeth are usually straight, but there are a few crooked teeth that make it difficult to smile fully.
    • Gaps between teeth. diastema (open space between the central incisors of the upper jaw) and trema (gaps between teeth)
    • Darkened, peeling fillings.

    • They help to hide the external defects of the teeth and get a Hollywood smile in just a few days.
    • In addition, they protect and strengthen teeth,
    • Porcelain veneers serve for 10 years or more, you just need to properly conduct oral hygiene.

  • Prosthetics restores the appearance and function of teeth or complete dentures with the help of caps and half caps. During the consultation, the therapist-orthopedic examines your problem in detail and chooses the most suitable solution.

Ceramic veneers

The modern secret to a relaxed Hollywood smile is veneers.
These are very thin, only 0.2-0.5 mm micro-thickness ceramic inlays, which are used to restore the aesthetic appearance of the prosthesis. Veneers are usually placed on the front teeth, but if desired, they can be placed on all teeth that are visible when smiling.
In real life, veneers are invisible, everyone around you will see your snow-white smile and flawless teeth.

Ceramic crowns

The liner is a semi-shell made entirely of ceramics, which differs from the filling in its strength, aesthetics and durability.

It is used to restore chewing teeth when
  • the absence of most of the crown, more than 50%
  • filling the heart is impossible,
  • premature wear of the teeth occurs.

Metal-ceramic and zirconium ceramic crowns

When the tooth crown is almost completely missing, we restore it with the help of covers.
Metal-ceramic crowns

  • has a metal base,
  • ceramic coated
  • more affordable
  • does not have the transparency characteristic of zircon,
  • it is mostly used for the restoration of chewing teeth.

Zirconia and full ceramic crowns

  • are very strong
  • durable,
  • are transparent and very aesthetic, completely indistinguishable from natural teeth,
  • are used when restoring frontal and chewing teeth.

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