Diode laser hair removal

Is there a woman who does not dream of a perfectly smooth skin without unwanted and annoying hair?

Laser hair removal has been used in cosmetology for about 40 years and has proven its effectiveness. Diode hair removal is the best way to permanently get rid of unwanted hair. During the procedure, laser light acts on the melanin pigment of masarmat. As a result, the root is heated and destroyed, which is why the hair does not grow in the future. After diode hair removal, the skin becomes smoother and younger.

    • Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove the hair in the treated area with a razor or depilatory cream (do not use methods that affect the hair follicle: gold, epilator, etc., as this reduces the effectiveness of the diode hair removal procedure).
    • The epilation course includes 6-8 visits, depending on the characteristics of the skin and hair.

  • To maintain the obtained result, it is necessary to repeat the hair removal procedure 1-2 times a year.

EosIceMax diode laser

At MaryClinic, laser hair removal is performed with the EosIceMax diode laser device. This diode laser is considered to be the latest generation laser, which enables fast, comfortable and, most importantly, effective removal of unwanted hair in any part of the body. It is very suitable for hair removal, especially for large areas: legs, arms, back. Unlike other lasers, it has high color recognition, that is, it allows to remove both hard, dark hair and discolored gray hair.

Why choose EosIceMax diode hair removal?

  • It is safe. prevents burns thanks to a powerful cooling system.
  • The procedure has passed. suitable even for visitors with the most sensitive skin.
  • Works with clear targeting. only affects the root and destroys it, preventing further growth.
  • Thanks to precise targeting, it does not harm the surrounding skin tissues at all.
  • Designed for all colors and types of skin and hair. works very well, especially on dark, thick hair.
  • The head of the device is very light, which provides a very comfortable epilation procedure.
  • The duration of the procedure is short. Full body hair removal takes only 40-50 minutes.
  • Visits every 40 days up to 3 months, as a result, your money and time are saved twice.

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