Start straightening your teeth today

  • No prepayment
  • Get paid on a schedule that suits you
  • Only 29,000 AMD per month

As a result you will have

  • Straight teeth
  • Beautiful facial profile
  • Proper body posture
  • You will gain self-confidence
  • You will get rid of complexes

Get rid of unwanted hair forever 

Book 3 diode hair removal visits and get a 30% discount
  • Whole body: 20,300 AMD instead of 29,000 AMD
  • Any 3 parts: 16800 AMD instead of 24000 AMD
  • Any 2 parts: 13300 AMD instead of 19000 AMD

Fixed prosthesis instead of uncomfortable and mobile prosthesis

They put 2 implants, I had a strong prosthesis in just 1 week.
As a result forever։
  • You will refuse pastes that fix the prosthesis,
  • You will forget about the inconvenience caused by a removable prosthesis while eating or talking.
  • You will have free and unrestricted speech.

Treatment with ceramic braces

Align your teeth discreetly and comfortably for yourself
  • Treatment with transparent invisible braces,
  • No advance payment
  • No extra charge
  • Only 49․000 AMD per month.